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How the pandemic upended climate politics

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the chaotic and expensive congressional response, has upended the climate politics landscape. Before the onslaught of the coronavirus, environmentalists had unprecedented success…

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Virus response excludes climate. Get used to it

Climate is getting left behind in Congress’ multitrillion-dollar spending spree, and it could stay that way for a while. After some early agitation for Democrats to muscle clean energy policies into the coronavirus response packages…

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Democrats fight Green New Deal attacks on stimulus

Environmentalists and some of their Democratic allies in Congress see economic stimulus discussions stemming from the novel coronavirus as a major opportunity to push their green priorities. But their efforts are running headfirst…

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Biden must first unite the party to defeat Trump

While Super Tuesday’s dramatic results have boosted former Vice President Joe Biden more than anyone predicted, it’s still not enough, not yet. Nothing less than Biden going into the convention in Milwaukee with a sizable majority will…

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5 things in Biden’s order that flew under the radar

President Biden launched one of the strongest climate policy platforms in U.S. history with a series of executive orders yesterday. The moves made addressing climate change a national priority on par with battling the pandemic and revitalizing the economy…

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