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Roadblock to Biden climate plans: Centrist Democrats

While Joe Biden is known for his bipartisan deal-making, he must overcome a potentially more significant roadblock to fulfill his pledge of passing aggressive climate change legislation: winning over centrists from fossil-fuel states in his own…

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BP plan is chance to shed ‘Beyond Parody’ tag

[Financial Times subscription required to read article.] In the late 1990s when then BP chief executive John Browne claimed he was moving the oil company “Beyond Petroleum”, industry wags dubbed it “Beyond Parody”. They were entirely…

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Biden amps up plans for climate, clean energy

Joe Biden is significantly escalating his climate change agenda with a new $2 trillion infrastructure and clean energy plan that would get fossil fuels entirely out of the nation’s electricity supply in less than 15 years. In the most substantial…

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Democrats drive toward 100% clean cars by 2035

[E&E subscription required to read this article.] House Democrats want to zero out emissions from all new cars by 2035 — an enormous boon for the climate if the long-term goal is achieved and a significant statement in today’s…

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Is Crying a Sign of Weakness? Tell That to Churchill

I was struck by Donald Trump’s simplistic and unsympathetic view that crying by men is a sign of “weakness.” In contrast, a recent biography, “Churchill: Walking With Destiny,” by Andrew Roberts, catalogs dozens of times both before…

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SEC signals tougher line with oil companies on climate

Regulator forces ConocoPhillips and Occidental to hold shareholder votes on emissions targets. Under the Trump administration, campaigners said the SEC made it easier for companies to throw out shareholder proposals on spurious grounds rather than put them to investor votes…

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Natural gas and America’s clean energy transition

President Biden has set the ambitious, important climate goal of achieving net zero emissions from the nation’s electric power sector by 2035.  Already, natural gas has playing a key role in lowering U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in the past 15 years, in part by displacing higher emitting coal.

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