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The Heat: UN climate deal

The deal reached in Katowice, Poland sets rules on how every country measures, reports and verifies efforts to cut emissions, implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement. The delegates delayed decisions…

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Climate change: populism vs Paris

[Financial Times subscription required to read article.] The rise of populist leaders threatens the climate deal struck in the French capital in 2015 and will make UN talks more fraught…

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Democrats and a climate-change dilemma

Climate policy in America has always been an up-and-down affair. But few reversals have been as dramatic as the replacement of Barack Obama with Donald Trump. Unlike his predecessor…

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What exactly is the ‘Green New Deal’?

In a Democratic clash on Capitol Hill, progressives are pushing an ambitious plan to wean the U.S. off fossil fuels, boost renewables and build a “smart” grid. Meet the “Green New Deal.” The proposal, drawing inspiration…

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Activists set their sights on next election

[E&E subscription required to read article.] Democrats will bring climate talk back to Congress next year, probing the Trump administration’s regulatory rollbacks and forcing messaging votes in the House…

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