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Biden’s climate agenda bogged down in divided Congress

President Joe Biden arrives back in the US this week after a foreign tour with a recurring theme: fighting climate change. But he returns to a Washington where his own party feels increasing anxiety that his administration’s climate agenda will fall short at home…

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The US hydrogen moonshot

US energy secretary Jennifer Granholm described her department as the US government’s “in-house solutions powerhouse”. It would be the DoE, she said, that would lead the charge to reaching a net-zero US economy by 2050, by…

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Arctic soldier

The Arctic is ground zero in the climate battle

Tony Barber’s important column on the growing rivalry of great powers over the Arctic rightly notes that Arctic climate change “is an urgent matter for everyone”. Since the Arctic is warming at twice as fast as the global average…

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Cyber attack shuts major US pipeline system

Assault on Colonial Pipeline underscores vulnerabilities in critical US infrastructure. A major US fuel pipeline has been shut down after a ransomware attack, in an incident that underscores the vulnerabilities in America’s critical infrastructure…

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Vlad Putin

Biden vows US will work with Russia on climate

The US will work with Russia on ways to combat the climate crisis, President Joe Biden has announced, saying he looked forward to joint efforts and was “very heartened” by the country’s call for collaboration on new technologies such as carbon removal…

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Biden and Putin

Why the Russia crisis matters for U.S. energy

The Biden administration said yesterday that it’s working to find alternative supplies of energy for western Europe should Russia cut off the region’s flow of natural gas and oil over growing tensions surrounding Ukraine…

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Gas Plant

EU must reduce reliance on Russian gas supplies

Megan Greene’s op-ed (Opinion, December 16) is right that near-term US sanctions against Russia have very limited effectiveness. This is precisely why the EU must pursue longer-term strategies to reduce Russian sway, including cutting the EU’s costly reliance on Russian natural gas…

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President Biden points at a graph during a briefing Monday with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and other officials.

Biden walks a careful line on climate after tornadoes

President Biden is navigating a politically fraught path on climate change after last weekend’s deadly tornadoes, stopping short Monday of directly blaming global warming for the disaster but emphasizing the storms’ extreme nature and ordering officials to get more definitive answers…

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