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DOE: Key Republican senator bucks Trump cuts

[E&E subscription required to read article.] Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the powerful Republican chairwoman of the committee with jurisdiction over the Department of Energy, went to bat today for a number of the agency’s programs facing steep cuts…

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APPROPRIATIONS: Omnibus winners and losers

Coming in at 1,665 pages, the fiscal 2017 omnibus package that Congress hopes to clear this week could be the biggest bill lawmakers move this year. The House Rules Committee is meeting to discuss it later today, with the full House likely to vote as soon as tomorrow…

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Businesses pressure Trump to stay in Paris climate deal

Businesses that support the Paris climate deal are pressuring President Trump to keep the United States in the accord. They argue that by staying involved in the international talks, the U.S. can discourage policies that could hurt the oil, gas and coal industries…

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GOP movement to stay in Paris accelerates

[E&E subscription required to read article.] A House ally of President Trump circulated a “Dear Colleague” letter to the president yesterday challenging him to make the Paris Agreement a better deal for U.S. fossil fuels…

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Climate diplomacy fund dies in budget blueprint

[E&E subscription required to read article.] Climate change advocates say they are not optimistic about being able to save the $1.3 billion in international global warming assistance that President Trump would ax from the budget…

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Greens Courted McCain on Climate

After Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman John Chafee (R-R.I.) died in office in 1999, green groups went searching for another top Republican to take charge on environmental issues. They set their sights on John McCain…

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