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President Joe Biden by electric car

Biden strikes EV deal with carmakers, offers carbon rule

President Biden is set to announce twin policies today aimed at slashing car emissions and accelerating widespread electric vehicle adoption in an effort to tackle climate change and out-compete Chinese manufacturers, according to senior administration officials…

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Daily Examiner

Democrats push to impose carbon tariffs

Senate Democrats are proposing to impose tariffs on carbon-intensive imports to help pay for their $3.5 trillion tax and spending infrastructure proposal, in a surprising move that opens up a web of complex questions…

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‘Not enough for clean power’ in US infrastructure plan

President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure agreement with centrist senators does not include enough for clean power, says the American Clean Power Association (ACP). Late last week, Biden and a group of centrist senators from both major parties had agreed to an…

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Biden’s climate agenda bogged down in divided Congress

President Joe Biden arrives back in the US this week after a foreign tour with a recurring theme: fighting climate change. But he returns to a Washington where his own party feels increasing anxiety that his administration’s climate agenda will fall short at home…

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Keystone pipeline

Energy déjà vu

Different crisis, same convo. Policymakers, politicians and parties are clinging to entrenched positions in an election year despite massive changes in the world order and global markets wrought by…

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