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Greens Courted McCain on Climate

After Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman John Chafee (R-R.I.) died in office in 1999, green groups went searching for another top Republican to take charge on environmental issues. They set their sights on John McCain…

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Gas Exports on Trump’s Agenda for Europe

[E&E subscription required to read article.] When European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker meets with President Trump next week, “energy security” will share the agenda with controversial topics like trade and counterterrorism…

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Centrist Democrats’ new climate rallying cry

A centrist Democratic group says the party has botched its climate and energy strategy for many years — with dire consequences at the ballot box — and should offer a vision that embraces the nation’s fracking boom…

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Tom Wolfe’s Mocking of Liberal Hypocrisy

To the editor: A hyperbolic New Journalism was Tom Wolfe’s signature style and method, as your fine obituary makes clear. But his ultimate intent was far more political. Mr. Wolfe’s most consistent topic was satirizing…

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Macron fails to woo Trump on Paris accord

[E&E subscription required to read article.] French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to make little headway in climate discussions with President Trump today despite a firm show of friendship…

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Tillerson out, Pompeo in at State

[E&E subscription required to read article.] President Trump has ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, announcing on Twitter today that CIA Director and former Kansas Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo would be his anointed replacement…

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