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Vlad Putin

Biden vows US will work with Russia on climate

The US will work with Russia on ways to combat the climate crisis, President Joe Biden has announced, saying he looked forward to joint efforts and was “very heartened” by the country’s call for collaboration on new technologies such as carbon removal…

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Biden wants to buy EVs. Are there enough cars?

The Biden administration’s plan to replace the federal government’s fleet of cars and trucks with electric vehicles assembled in the United States could face a roadblock: supply. There are currently 645,047 federal vehicles across the country and fewer than 1% of them are electric, according to the General Services Administration..

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Biden throws weight of US government behind clean energy

[Financial Times subscription required to read this article.] When Barack Obama pumped $90bn into wind turbines, solar panels and batteries as part of his efforts to kickstart the US economy after the 2008 crash, his administration boasted of the “largest single investment in clean energy in history”…

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SEC signals tougher line with oil companies on climate

Regulator forces ConocoPhillips and Occidental to hold shareholder votes on emissions targets. Under the Trump administration, campaigners said the SEC made it easier for companies to throw out shareholder proposals on spurious grounds rather than put them to investor votes…

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