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Climate Change: Are we too late?

Europe has been experiencing record breaking heat waves; there are unheard of wildfires in the Arctic region; glacier melts are flooding out entire villages in Greenland; and it’s official: the World Meteorological Organization declared…

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Trump the Environmentalist?

With swing states worried about climate change and toxic algae, the White House is talking green—while still working to strip away environmental protections…

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Trump’s energy talk: Here’s what it means

President Trump attempted to flip the script of critics yesterday, casting himself as an environmental advocate and supporter of renewable energy. But he also provided more ammunition to opponents who say his record doesn’t…

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Jay Inslee is putting climate on the 2020 agenda

Jay Inslee is succeeding in raising the profile of climate change, if not in gaining traction in the Democratic presidential primary. Climate change has matched or overtaken healthcare and jobs in some polls as a top issue…

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Biden amps up plans for climate, clean energy

Joe Biden is significantly escalating his climate change agenda with a new $2 trillion infrastructure and clean energy plan that would get fossil fuels entirely out of the nation’s electricity supply in less than 15 years. In the most substantial…

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Democrats drive toward 100% clean cars by 2035

[E&E subscription required to read this article.] House Democrats want to zero out emissions from all new cars by 2035 — an enormous boon for the climate if the long-term goal is achieved and a significant statement in today’s…

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