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Climate study quietly underway warns of severe U.S. impacts

[E&E subscription required to read article.] A report currently being developed by federal scientists warns of dire consequences from climate change, conflicting with public statements from officials in the Trump administration about the severity of rising greenhouse gas emissions…

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Feeling That Trump Will ‘Say Anything,’ Europe Is Less Restrained, Too

The Europeans have stopped trying to paper over their differences with President Trump and the United States. Traditionally respectful of American leadership and mindful of the country’s crucial role in European defense and global trade, European leaders normally repress or soften their criticism of United States presidents. Europeans were generally not happy…

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Wind Industry Tacks as Trump Shifts the Political Climate

Three days after Energy Secretary Rick Perry directed his staff to find ways to give a boost to coal and nuclear power, the rival wind industry kicked its lobbying response into action. The American Wind Energy Association would tap allies in Congress willing to weigh in with Perry…

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EPA: Pruitt rebuffs G-7 on climate

[E&E subscription required to read article.] The Trump administration bucked Group of Seven allies today, refusing to endorse climate action in a statement on environmental priorities…

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Australia urges Trump not to quit Paris climate pact

The Turnbull government has told senior members of the Trump administration that Australia is committed to the Paris climate change agreement and has signalled to the White House it wants the US President not to quit the international pact…

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Climate change: populism vs Paris

[Financial Times subscription required to read article.] The rise of populist leaders threatens the climate deal struck in the French capital in 2015 and will make UN talks more fraught…

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What exactly is the ‘Green New Deal’?

In a Democratic clash on Capitol Hill, progressives are pushing an ambitious plan to wean the U.S. off fossil fuels, boost renewables and build a “smart” grid. Meet the “Green New Deal.” The proposal, drawing inspiration…

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