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A new proposal to simmer green trade tensions

Joe Biden has largely put a stop to the fractious trade wars of the Donald Trump era, soothing allies by suspending tariffs and offering fresh talks on a long-running dispute on aircraft subsidies. But the president has brought along with him…

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President Biden

Biden’s climate gamble in the debt deal

President Joe Biden is in hot water with climate activists. Again. Environmental advocates are assailing what they call “poison pills” in the debt limit deal the White House made with congressional Republicans over the weekend. They’re…

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Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Sheldon Whitehouse talking

Climate group with GOP roots a go-to for tariff push

Four senators — two Democratic, two Republican — plan to unveil proposals in coming weeks that would slap a tariff on carbon-intensive goods coming into the United States from abroad. Each bill will look very different in the approaches…

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