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SEC signals tougher line with oil companies on climate

Regulator forces ConocoPhillips and Occidental to hold shareholder votes on emissions targets. Under the Trump administration, campaigners said the SEC made it easier for companies to throw out shareholder proposals on spurious grounds rather than put them to investor votes…

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Natural gas and America’s clean energy transition

President Biden has set the ambitious, important climate goal of achieving net zero emissions from the nation’s electric power sector by 2035.  Already, natural gas has playing a key role in lowering U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in the past 15 years, in part by displacing higher emitting coal.

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5 things in Biden’s order that flew under the radar

President Biden launched one of the strongest climate policy platforms in U.S. history with a series of executive orders yesterday. The moves made addressing climate change a national priority on par with battling the pandemic and revitalizing the economy…

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Democrats push to impose carbon tariffs

Senate Democrats are proposing to impose tariffs on carbon-intensive imports to help pay for their $3.5 trillion tax and spending infrastructure proposal, in a surprising move that opens up a web of complex questions…

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‘Not enough for clean power’ in US infrastructure plan

President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure agreement with centrist senators does not include enough for clean power, says the American Clean Power Association (ACP). Late last week, Biden and a group of centrist senators from both major parties had agreed to an…

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