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Zhongxing power plant

China announces plan for curbing methane emissions

China yesterday released an action plan for reducing methane emissions, pledging more “forceful” measures to tackle the potent greenhouse gas before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai later this month…

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China releases plan to tackle methane emissions

China said Tuesday it would bolster efforts to crack down on emissions of methane, the greenhouse gas that is one of the top two drivers of rising global temperatures. If successful, China’s efforts to curb methane could have one…

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China may be close to a climate tipping point

 If you want to be hopeful about the world’s chances of tackling climate change, look to China. It is such a force in the electric car market that, last year, for the first time, it became home to more than half the electric vehicles on the world’s roads. An equally…

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Protesters outside white house

Is Joe Biden a climate champion?

There is no doubt that climate activists scored a major win last week when President Joe Biden announced a pause in approvals of liquefied natural gas export terminals. In fact, Biden gave a nod to their pressure when making the decision by…

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A liquefied natural gas tanker and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

Biden administration freezes gas export approvals

The Department of Energy is pausing approvals of liquefied natural gas exports while it conducts an open-ended analysis of the impacts of the shipments — a move being blasted by fossil fuel groups and applauded by environmentalists who say…

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